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The Monkland Motorway

Construction of the M8 Monkland Motorway began in 1972 and was completed in three phases over a period of eight years. Connecting the Inner Ring Road with the M80, M73 and M74, the route is a crucial piece of the central Scotland motorway network.


Today this piece of the M8 motorway puzzle can be found between junction 8 at Baillieston Interchange and junction 15 at Townhead. The M80 connects at junction 13 at Provan adjacent to the famous gas towers. This section of the route was almost entirely constructed along the line of the former Monkland Canal which was closed to navigation a number of decades before the road was built.

Last Updated: 13th March 2016

Key Facts & Figures

LOCATION: The M8 Monkland Motorway links the M8 at Townhead with the A8 at Ballieston Interchange. It was built as four contracts which are detailed below.



Completed:  May 30th 1975

Designer: Glasgow Corporation              

Contractor: Costain Civil Engineering Ltd              

Cost: £10.6 million                                



Completed:  April 25th 1980

Designer: Strathclyde Regional Council              

Contractor: WC French

Cost: £12.5 million


LENGTH: 6.5 miles overall

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Completed:  June 29th 1979

Designer: Strathclyde Regional Council              

Contractor: Whatlings (Civil Engineering) Ltd.

Cost: £9.5 million


Baillieston Interchange to City Boundary:

Completed:    April 25th 1980

Designer: Babtie Shaw & Morton

Contractor: Cementation Construction Ltd

Cost: £6.5 million

Plans for a route between the Ring Road and other upgraded roads in Lanarkshire were first discussed in the Bruce Report of 1945 and recommended again by the Abercrombie Report of 1948. You can read about those plans in our History & Background page. Works finally moved forward after the publication of Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick's recommendations in 1962. You can read about those proposals in our Highway Plan page.


A full page detailing the construction of the Monkland Motorway is currently in development and will go live soon. We have been fortunate to secure a number of rare photographs taken shortly after the completion of Phase 1 as well as a number of opening booklets published for Phases 2A and 2B.


Stay tuned to this page for updates! If you have any material you would like to share with us you can email us at [email protected]

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